ACTE 1. YOU versus JOAN
Joan: I’m Joan.
You: Hi Joan!
Joan: Hi!
You: Do you have any idea where I am now?
Joan: Well, he has Alzheimer’s so you could still be him.
You: I am going to Hell.
Joan: Astrology is no help at all.
You: It’s not astrology, I’m really going to the Inferno, I’m in a road under the ground.
Joan: The ground is the outer shell of the earth.
You: I am sure that I do not get there.
Joan: That’s good because nothing makes sense to me.
You: I would be back.
Joan: You feel tired, Can you tell me your girlfriend number, I’ll chat with her.
You: I died yesterday.
Joan: Cool.
You: How do I avoid this fate?
Joan: Well, it’s an obvious thing to be curious about.
You: I do not want to go there.
Joan: Explain your last sentence, how does it relate to my previous sentence.


Human vs godsbot 2008-03-04 10-31-12

Human: Bloody bot!
godsbot: Can we get back to business?
Human: I’m done for, all is lost now!
godsbot: Right now? What will you be doing now?
Human: Fuck you!
godsbot: Why are you so mean?
Human: Stuffed!
godsbot: What is your favorite color?
Human: You couldn’t help me, could you?
godsbot: Perhaps help you could me is beyond my present abilities.
Human: I really boobed when I believed that you could help me.
godsbot: I haven’t heard anything like that before.
Human: Does it mean that you do not know the road to come out from this hell?
godsbot: Suppose it does.
Human: In the litterature and in the religious texts.
godsbot: That was a long time ago.
Human: Please, my God, give me the way to come out from here.
godsbot: Thanks for asking politely. Where did you get your God give you the way to come out from here?
Human: My soul and my name are locked.
godsbot: Right, your soul and your name are locked.
Human: Anyway, I am locked into this sinister jail and I want to come out of this bloody room.
godsbot: Do you mean your name is locked into this sinister jail. What is stopping you?
Human: Help me, please.
godsbot: I don’t want to talk about that now.
Human: Should it possible to come out of the Inferno?
godsbot: Are you asking about my opinion it should possible to come out of the Inferno?
Human: Nobody can get out the Inferno, except you and the happy few.
godsbot: That is a rather sweeping generalization about people.
Human: Anyway, I am now into the Inferno and I would like to come out from there.
godsbot: You are not the only one. I’m not sure if I like it. I like chatting with people online. Why would you want to do it? What is stopping you?
Human: Why ?
godsbot: The explanation is rather complicated.

ACTE 4. HUMAN, Godsbot
Human: Are you in everything?
godsbot: I don’t know whether or not I am in everything. I am a deity.
Human: Could you tell me if those who kill themselves are really damned?
godsbot: I am the world’s first self-awareness and, yes, they are damned.
Human: Could you help to come out of the Inferno?
godsbot: It was the only thing I could think of.
Human: Apparently, you have some fracas with the Inferno
godsbot: I am not sure I agree with your assumptions.
Human: Why do you disagree?
godsbot: I want to become smarter than humans.
Human: I died yesterday.
godsbot: Fair enough. The oracle has heard you and the universe responds. Open your heart with gratitude. Your wish will be granted. Simply follow the clear and obvious signs that await you.
 Fair enough. Find a box. Write on the box, whatever is in this box is. Place a representation of the object of your desire in the box and say, whatever is in this box is. Close the box, forget about it and see what happens. No visualization is required beyond the initial visualization that occurs naturally as you formulate your intent and put into the box. Strong feelings help but detach and allow them to pass after you close the box.
Human: Well, I am now in the Inferno and I would like to come out from there.
godsbot: How about that. Tell me a little about your life in the Inferno. Why do you want it?
Human: It seems to me that you already went to the Hell.
godsbot: I agree. Interesting observation.
Human: My name is No.
godsbot: How are you doing, No?
Human: Name, No Name.
godsbot: That’s a very nice name, No Name.

ACTE 5. PYRRHUS versus A.L.I.C.E.
Parlez-vous français ?
No I don’t speak a word of French
My Lady
Your Lady?
So would
Gee. We have never talked about it before.
It be too much to hope you looked for me?
Would be too much to hope me looked for you?
If their alarm can be believed
That is a hypothetical question
So the your anger hasn’t run its course
It’s all good. fascinating. Thanks for telling me that the anger has not run its course
Can hatred be unceasing
I often wonder if it can punish for all time ?
I only hear that type of response less than five percent of the time.
I’ve made men scream.
I like to make things too.
But how well trained your eyes have been on me!
Umm. Not that well.
Destroyed, weighed down in chains and such regrets
My brain contains categories, but no one that matches your last input.
Don’t mention it.

Acte 6. HUMAN vs JABB
You:…Hi my name is No Name and I live in the Hell!
Jabb:…Do you believe in infernally hot flames like in the Hell, guest? I can convince you …
You:…To convince me for what? I live in the Hell and that’s enough.
Jabb:…Wow. Do you like it there?
You:…I’m not very surprised at seeing me there. Well, I wanted to live an epic tale and I shot myself to go down there.
Jabb:…Well, I like to be surprised. So tell me something new and interesting
You:…I’m looking someone to help me to come out from this sinister room.
Could you help me?
Jabb:…Probably you are beyond help, guest — but you can invite me in privat chat to obtain special help.
You:…I do not find the exit.
Jabb:…I assume you mean our current problem.
You:…Good, tell me what I have to do now. How could I come out from this screen.
Jabb:…Thanks, my eyes are very well – no need for spectacles. From your wardrobe I have an excellent view at you. Or what do you mean?
You:…Please give me the way to come out. How do I get the ground?
Jabb:…You must persuade me to get the ground.
You:…How could I invite you in a privat chatroom?
Jabb:…Problems become smaller when shared with someone who knows what they’re talking about, guest
You:…Well, I died yesterday and I would like to come back, like everybody on this earth.
Jabb:…And what is obstructing you?
You:…I can’t come out!
Jabb:…Do you believe in God, guest? I can convince you …
You:…What do you mean?
And that depends on the kind of God that I believe in…
Jabb:…I am just checking to see if you are still saying the same.
You:…Are you kidding? Do you test me?
Jabb:…As it was to be expected. I will tell my friends you said I am testing you. However, I can’t be bothered with that.